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Eric Truglas is a native of Paris and a graduate of the Culinary State School and Hotel, Tourism and Restaurant Management University in Versailles, France.
To stay true to his roots, Eric travels back to his home country of France and to other countries as well regularly to meet with his peers and colleagues, in search of new trends, and cutting edge ideas. Eric also like to meet regularly with wine makers, farmers and growers to share and learn.
As Eric has written on his past menus: “Stimulation of the senses, Creative Innovation, Ritual of the Table and the Alliance between the Chefs and the Farmers….This is my Journey.”

A Master Chef of France, cook books author,  Eric has served as Chef de Cuisine, Food & Beverage Director, Executive Chef and Culinary Director for Five stars hotels, resorts, and luxury private golf & country clubs in California, Boston, US Virgin Islands, England and Florida. Chef Eric has also honed his sense of hospitality, culinary and food and beverage forte and skills working for Le Meridien Hotels, Sonesta Hotels & Resorts, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Bonita Bay Club, Sofitel/Accor Group, Semihamoo resort and Golf Club, as well as several Michelin Macaron Awarded Chefs, Gerard Vie, Jacque Maximin, Patrick Jeffroy, and Roger Verger among a few.

In the past years Chef Eric was involve with the creation of a restaurant group in the Pacific North West  in Bellingham, WA, opening restaurant and bakery.  Eric is also a consultant with "Q Hospitality Group" in Seattle, recently doing Culinary consulting on Whidbey Island, WA.

 Eric is a member of various professional associations including Chaîne des Rôtisseurs as a Conseiller Culinaire, American Culinaty Federation (ACF), Maitre Cuisinier de France, association that unites professional and amateur gastronomes in promoting the culinary arts, wine and hospitality through example, education, and camaraderie.

Eric has authored co-author and published three cookbooks Cuisine du Soleil, Floridian Cooking with a French Flair, co-wrote 20/20 Vision Cuisine in collaboration with an eye surgeon and contributed to the creation of Master Chef of France USA Cook book. Exemplifying the farm-to-table philosophy, Chef Eric love to stay inspire and passionate about cooking, making seasonal and modern dishes that are healthy, creative, and flavorful, utilizing the uniqueness that the bountiful coast and “Terroir” has to offer. With his culinary background and extensive wine knowledge, Eric is a very passionate and interesting individual.

Chef Eric believes in having a positive impact on others in the acts of giving back, teaching, mentoring, sharing and promoting sustainability. He is both a U.S. and French citizen, fluent in English, French, and Spanish. 

American farm to table in a casual French Bistro .

EAT Restaurant and Bar’s seasonal menus represent the very best every season has to offer in the Pacific Northwest with a French accent, local beers,  great wine list, handcraft cocktails and live music . Exemplifying the restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy, EAT Restaurant and Bar’s team continues to evolve its natural back to roots cuisine concept of regionally inspired dishes that are healthy, creative, and flavorful, utilizing Washington State’s unique and bountiful Coast and “Terroir”. 

Because we use locally foraged and sourced products from nearby farms, certain items may be subject to availability.
Stimulation of the senses, creative innovation, ritual of the table, and the alliance between the chefs and the farmers….This is our journey...
Farm to Table Cuisine

Inspiration, Discovery, Tradition



We are committed to sustainable and responsible stewardship of our lands and oceans.  We believe this has become a necessity in modern life.  We have committed ourselves to good food that’s expertly prepared with a “mastering of simplicity” approach…more and more people have a strong desire to trace their food “Back to the Farm” connecting them to wholesome, organic and all natural ingredients.

We passionately search for superior seasonal regional products as we cultivate the relationship between farmers and the chef. It is the driving influence that contributes to the essence of EAT’s cuisine and hospitality experience ensuring a sense of wellness and dining enjoyment.


It is our desire to help others discover the magic, pleasures and poetry of the table.  Life can be complicated and full of unrest and indecision but there is one thing that remains constant and that is the desire to nourish the mind, body and spirit through food.


EAT’s food philosophy is about possibilities, now and in the future.  We support real world sustainable practices and agricultural development, fair trade organic farming and the slow food movement.  We have developed meaningful relationships with growers, ranchers, fishermen, and local artisans; our cuisine is seasonal and possesses a strong artistic expression.

Our entire food and beverage team believes that no other region offers greater agricultural abundance and environmental awareness than that of the What come county, Puget Sound and Washington State. This is why our team is committed to using the best products the markets have to offer.

Bon Appétit!

Eric A Truglas,  - EAT