1.German EISENMANN dry enamel (static electricity, high voltage), using the United States Ferro enamel dry powder, the inner liner is more durable.

2. Super long strengthening magnesium bar to prolong service life of liner effectively.

3.Using built-in discharge protection, the leakage voltage and current are locked for safe use, and the use is safer.

4.Over temperature protection, over pressure protection, anti dry burning and leakage protection.

5.Import the Ingrid 310S heating pipe to solve the scale problem, durable and safe.

6.LED digital water temperature display, front double knob control, fast heating (3000W), medium heating (2000W), slow heating (1000W) three block heating mode optional choice. Heating indicator light, working state at a glance.

7.The steel plate sprayed the shell and has strong ultraviolet light resistance.

8.Polyurethane foam, the first level energy efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection.

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