Intelligent Computer

1. German EISENMANN dry enamel (static electricity, high voltage) using the United States Fleur Ferro dry enamel powder, the inner gall is more durable.
2. super long strengthening magnesium bar, effectively extend the service life of the liner.
3. Using patent (patent number: 200720051020.7) anti-electricity technology, integrated three-pole power-off anti-electricity technology and external insulation wall multiple protection, bathing low risk.
4. over temperature protection, overpressure protection, anti dry burning and leakage protection.
5. importing English dish 800 heating tube to solve the scale problem, durable, safe, life-long guarantee.
6. LED screen dynamic display, six key touch switch, you can turn on the key backlight, intelligent anti icing.
7.24 hour reservation, power off memory function, remove the trouble of reset after power failure.
8. Double inner tank design, variable volume heating mode: fast (3000W) medium heat (2000) slow heat (1000W) heating, won the national patent (01235470.8). Truly cold and hot water separation, double bile variable volume hot water output increased by 40%, more energy saving.
9. steel shell spray, beautiful and generous.
10. polyurethane foam, energy saving and environmental protection.
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