Le Computer

1. Germany EISENMANN dry enamel (electrostatic, high pressure) uses Ferro enamel dry powder, and its bladder is more durable.
2. Super long strengthening magnesium bar, effectively extend the life of the inside.
3. Fruit patent (patent number: 200720051020.7) anti-electricity technology, integrated with three-pole power-off technology and external multi-protection, bathing low risk.
4. Over temperature protection, overpressure protection, dry drying and electricity protection.
5. Imported Ingrid 800 heating pipes to solve the scale problem, durable, safe and guaranteed for life.
6. LED screen dynamic display, six touch search switch, can turn on the healthy backlight, intelligent anti icing.
7.24 hours appointment, power off record function, remove the trouble of reset after power failure.
8.3D variable heating: full speed (3000W) standard (2000W) low speed (1000W) heating mode optional; remaining hot water prompt, more energy-saving.
9. Bring clean reminder and live water system. Drainage is more convenient.
10. Steel plate outside dead spray, beautiful and generous.
11. Super energy polyurethane foam, one level energy efficiency, heat preservation time up to 10 days.
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