Big capacity

1. Passivated coating 304 stainless steel seamless welding liner, liner is more durable.
2. Super long reinforced magnesium rods can effectively prolong the use of the bladder.
3. Built in leakage protection device.
4. Over temperature protection, overpressure protection, anti dry burning and leakage protection.
5. Importing English dish 800 heating tube, solve the problem of scale, durable, safe, life-long guarantee.
6. LED display, seven button touch button switch, equipped with 4 meters control line, you can choose hidden installation.
7.24 hours on time, power off, power off memory. The third gear power (2000W + 2000W + 2000W) can be connected to 220V or 380V.
8. PE outside, it will never rust.
9. Polyurethane foam, energy saving and environmental protection.
10. Suitable for hotels and other beauty salons.
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