1.German EISENMANN dry enamel(static electricity, high pressure), using the United States Ferro enamel dry powder, the inner bile is more durable.
2, Ultra-long reinforced magnesium rod, effectively extend the service life of internal bile.
3, the use of built-in power protection, the leakage voltage, current locked for safe electricity, indicator light leakage prompt function to ensure safer use.
4, Super temperature protection, Super pressure protection, anti-dry burning and anti-leakage power and other multiple protection devices.
5, Imported Yinggelai 310S heating pipe, 3000W rapid heating, 5D vortex hydraulic water.
6, Infrared remote control, 24-hour appointment, high temperature 85 °C sterilization and capacity enhancement function, ECO energy-saving heating mode water temperature maintenance50 °C, no electric washing function to make you more secure, power off memory function.
7, Steel coating, anti-ultraviolet light strong, often new.
8, Environmental protection polyurethane foam, energy efficiency.
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