Diamond Star Temperature Display

1.Germany EISENMANN dry (electrostatic, high pressure), the United States Ferro enamel dry powder, the liner is more durable.

2.Super long strengthening magnesium bar can effectively prolong the service life of the liner.

3.Adopt patented power-proof technology, integrate three-pole power-off technology and external insulation wall multiple protection, reduce the risk of bathing.

4.Over temperature protection, over pressure protection, anti dry burning and leakage protection.


6.LED digital water temperature display, side knob temperature control up to 750 degrees, heating indicator, working state at a glance, easy to operate.

7.Double gallbladder design, hot water output increased by 30%.

8.The steel plate sprayed the shell and has strong ultraviolet resistance.

9.Polyurethane foam, two level energy efficiency, longer insulation, energy saving, environmental protection.

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