Diamond Intelligence

1. Germany EISENMANN dry (electrostatic, high pressure), the United States Ferro enamel dry powder, the liner is more durable.
2. super long strengthening magnesium bar can effectively extend the service life of the liner.
3. Adopting patent protection technology (patent number: 200720051020.7), integrating three-pole power-off protection technology and multiple protection of external insulation wall to reduce the risk of bathing.
4. over temperature protection, overpressure protection, anti dry burning and leakage protection.
5. importing Ingrid 310S heating pipe and 2000W super long heating tube to solve the scale problem, durable and safe.
6. LED digital water temperature display, three touch switches, 24 hour reservation, standby memory function.
7. the intelligent heating is made within 3 hours after the appointment is heated, and after 3 hours, the appointment time function is entered, which is more energy efficient.
8.430 stainless steel case, it is not easy to rust.
9. polyurethane foam, two level energy efficiency, lengthening thermal insulation, energy saving, environmental protection.
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